Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 7 Cipresales

We had a wonderful week and have 2 baptismal dates set for the 24th of September!! Its a young married couple we have been working with for weeks and weeks since last change and they are definitely ready! Their names are Maria and Nery and they have an 8 month old baby. They are excited to be baptised together and they are going to love being members of the church. We warned them that the next 2 weeks will be very challenging but that they will reap tremendous blessings in the long run.

We had a wonderful lesson this week before we set the baptismal date, with maria and nery. We had a great lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ then asked Maria to play outloud while we all kneeled. She said the most humble and sincere prayer I have ever heard. She asked her father in heaven if he could tell her if what we were teaching them was true. As soon as she started her question, the spirit was so strong. Her prayer was so genuine because she really wanted to know and she knew she would get an answer. Then she paused... and the spirit practically knocked me over. When she ended her prayer, she just kneeled there and cried. I was crying too. It was so beautiful. Then last night after we set the baptismal date, Nery prayed in the same manner, while holding the baby on his knees. He received a similar answer. This family is golden!

We have some possibilidades also that we are excited to continue teaching. The ward has really started to get involved since our ward meeting about the ward mission plan and this week we received quite a few referrals! I am excited to contact them all this week! We have a new goal to work with the members more and schedule more lessons with members. It wont be easy because it requires more planning to get all of the people together at the same time, but it is definitely possible.

Thank you for your prayers!! I am safe and my spanish is definitely getting better!

love Hermana Jacobsen

me in cipresales in my rain boots
me with home made cafe rio!
me with a new investigator johnny. he was making these pinatas while we taught him! its yoshi from mario

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