Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 4 Cipresales

Dear Family, So this week was a pretty good week, our baptism won´t be happening on Aug 20th next saturday because our investigators havent been to church 3 times (Maria and Nery) so i am sad about that. But her parents (adrian and Estela) came again this week woohoo!! so now they just need to get married. It costs $30 to get married here civally, and thats a lot to the people here so thats kind of hard. But we are teaching them to have faith and everything will fall into place. We have a new investigator this week who is the grandpa of a less active family. We still have Carmen and Michelle too but didnt have lessons with them this week so theyve each only had one lesson each but have a book of mormon. My spanish definitely got better this week! i fasted again the past 2 sundays and prayed for the gift of tongues. I definitely am picking up more about the conversations around me and i have even caught myself thinking in spanish!! woohoo! now i just need to start dreaming in spanish :) I have realized that i just need to say what God puts in my mind during the lessons. At first i used to hold back because i thought it sounded dumb or i wouldnt be able to say it in spanish... but now i just blurt it out. The scriptures say to speak the thoughts he will put it into my mind and i will not be confounded before men. its so true! i also used to think that when i didnt have words to say that it meant i couldnt feel the spirit enough to know what to say... but now i think its because maybe nothing needs to be said right then. maybe the investigator needs silence. i am really learning to notice and pay attention to the spirit

outside my house after walking home in the rain without my umbrella

me in the nicest neighborhood here with chocolate strawberries (i LOVE them)

me learning how to make tamales!

me learning how to make pupusas    

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