Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 8 Cipresales

me with the baptism caledar we made for Maria and Nery (the bapism cant be the 24th anymore because they missed church yesterday (they have to attend 3 times before being baptised) but thats okay, we will move everything back a week. hopefully we can have the baptism the same day as conference! cool!

me on our street/ally with 2 little packages and a letter from craig that i got this week!!! woohooo!!! im so happy!

me in san juan (it is a literal hike every single day!!!)
So our investigators Nery and Maria (Familia Ramirez) with the baptismal date didnt attend church yesterday. They said they had to do something to do with voting or something like that... so I am a little sad because that pushes their date do the following saturday.. which is general conference so we will have to see if we can work that out. Earlier this week we made them a calendar with all of the things they need to do before their baptism. It has their baptism and confirmation days marked, as well as the two days they needed to attend church. (now we will have to move the days one week later but its okay). It also has a little checkbox for each of them to check off their reading and prayers every day, and a little pic of sister missionaries to move to each day we are coming over. It is hanging in their room next to a large picture of the guatemala temple and pictures of Jesus. They are really on track and I hope that this week with them goes well. I think that Nery really has a strong desire to be baptised, and Maria knows she wants to be married for forever. 

We did have two investigators at church yesterday: Anna and her boyfriend Pedro. Their situation is extremely compliated because Anna is married to another man who wont divorce her, so they both live in the same house each with a separate man and woman. It is a giant mess. She is extremely evangelica and still whispers her own prayers to herself when we pray but she really likes reading the book of mormon (she is on 1 Nefi ch 10). Pedro cant read so during our last lesson, Hermana Molina worked with him using the Learning-to-read materials that the church makes. He is very receptive to the lessons as well.

We had 4 less active families attend church yesterday! Famila Vargas, Familia Pixtun, Familia Hererra, and Edga!Well i guess they arent families because the papa didnt attend with most, but with the famila hererra the dad came too! Woohoo! So I am very happy because we have been working a lot with them all.

Yesterday I listened to 7 hours of the April 2011 conference and it was awesome! (thank you daddy!!) I am so excited for conference this year! I learned once that in order to receive revelation instead of repetition during conference time, we need to be studied up on past conferences.. and i want revelation!

I love you all so much and thank you for praying for and loving me! My spanish is definitely benefitting from your prayers and i am definitely benefitting from your love. i love you all!

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