Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 5 Cipresales

Yesterday we had investigators at church that stayed for more than sacrament meeting! The Familia Pixtun came (mom is a member, her husband is not, and they have 3 boys of which the oldest is baptised) My companion promised Hermano Pixtun on saturday night that if he sacrificed 1 hour of work to go to church with his family that he would receive more work for the rest of the day. (he drives a tuktuk) So he stayed for a little over an hour then when he went to leave... his tuktuk wouldnt start in the church parking lot! I know its secretly a blessing that looks like a trial, and its a gigantic teaching opportunity. Tonight we are watching the Joseph Smith, Prophet of the restauracion with the family and it will be a wonderful example of how even when we are making good choices, satan isn´t happy and wants to make life difficult. We also had our new investigators Hermana Alma and her two sons at church yesterday. She was asking my companion questions about the book of mormon in the street because she´d read parts of it years ago (she thought the King Noah in the book of mormon was saying that the Noah in the Bible was bad) So set an appointment and taught her the first lesson with her kids. She had all of the same questions Joseph Smith had before he prayed to ask which church was true so it was wonderful to teach her and i really felt like i contributed. Oh and gave a talk in church yesterday as well (all of our investigators were late enough that they missed it.. but we had 6 menos activos at church yesterday and they all got to hear it!) so that went well! Our bishop seems to speak in church quite a bit. I dont know if thats normal here in central america or not but it kind of reminds me of a pastor or priest or something. I was wishing it was member giving a talk and bearing testimony instead of him talking yesterday when our investigators arrived.
some of the ward and our mission plan
me in san juan ouside a house we found new investigtors in this week! theres a waterfall in the background! (with dirty water but its still a waterfall :) and this is the place i am talking about in my recordings when i talk about kimberly and her mom and my favorite lesson ever that we taught on the ground ouside her house.
me in my house with my new blanket and a package i got from craig this week!
me with our new ward mission plan progress record that we presented last night... a guy in our ward made the print and my comp made the mock up. we presented it last night to the ward.
me in san juan with a view of all of the cement slums

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