Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 22

Hi family i don't have much time but i love you so much and things are great here! I had a wonderful experience this week at the plaza in downtown guatemala city! We went on a field trip on monday and got to prostelyte for 2  hours right outside their whitehouse type building. I was paired with my latina companion, thank goodness and i loved it! There were people just sitting around the courtyard, and my companion just looked at me and said ...Donde? I pointed to two ladies and we just walked up to them, she introduced us and our message and they LISTENED! I bore my testimony and they took a pamphlet about the plan of salvation and gave us their address and said they wanted to hear more! My jaw hit the floor when she started giving us her address. I couldnt believe it! We got 4 referrals slash addresses from people, three were families. I dont know if they will actually let the missionaries into their homes when the missionaries go, but i hope they do! It was such a wonderful experience because they liked the messages and i got to do a lot of the introducing and testimony bearing! They seemed to really want to know what i thought was so important that i was trying to speak spanish to say it. I love being a missionary! i love you family! please watch The Testaments this week, we watched it and i love it!!!! i love you! talk to you next week.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 1 at the CCM!- June 15

Hola mi familia!
Its my P-day and i only have  a few minutes to write an email to you all! (in the field i will get a whole hour i believe) i got super lucky slash blessed just barely becuase all the computers were being used so this teacher let me use his lap top for a second, long enough for me to attach two pictures! So one of of me at the airport a week ago and one is of me like 30something hours later the first night at the CCM with my new companion Hermana Mascow, we are standing in the main hallway of the CCM. My classroom is down the hall benind us and the cafeteria is to our right. The main devontional room is right by there too. There are 51 missionaries here right now and we have a record of one half being hermanas! we have 24 hermanas! the girls sleep on the third floor in a girls hall in 4 rooms and half are latina. I have 4 latinas in my room and they are so funny because we only understand each other some of the time  haha. but we get our points across usually... via the words we know and hand signals to learn new words. My latina companion is named Hermana AntĂșnes (i think) and she is very patient and nice to me. I spend all meals and devotionals sitting next to her. my companion is paired with her companion too. So ya it helps a lot because then i have to use what spanish i do know if i want to talk! I think the mission president is very inspired for doing it this way! his name is president steimle (or close to that) and i asked him and he is the one president funk was talking about.

Oh i have a calling! I am the technology person.. i make sure all of the mics, speakers, movies, and stuff are working before the devotionals (my teacher said i am the second girl to have that calling like ever! Thanks for teaching me all i know about wires etc david and daddy!) so i am okay at it and they seem to like me!
My teachers are all native spearers, i have 4 and they use english when we need to be learning something gospel related or when we don{t get what they say in spanish. they are so nice, i like them more than my provo teachers. anyway i love you so much and i go to the guatemala temple today!!!! i will write you more next week but i love it here! oh and the food is pretty normal i had pancakes yesterday and we even had a burger! love you!°
 Hermana Jacobsen at the airport! Heading to Guatemala!

 Hermana Jacobsen and her new companion Hermana Mascow

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Hola from Guatemala!"- June 8

I am safe and sound in the Guatemala mtc!! we got here around 7 this morning after flying all night, i think i got probably 2-3 hours or so on the second plane ride... but we arent going to sleep till tonight so i hope i stay alert! they just gave us 2-3 hours to unpack and get settled just now so that was nice and now its 11ish and we are starting our day! all of my bags arrived safelt and the mtc building is right next to the temple! the mtc is beautiful wood everywhere and there is just a tiny hallway of girl}s dorm rooms .. max capacity is 24 girls i think. right now i have only seen like 12 <max capacity for the whole mtc is 80missionaries<¿ so sorry i am having issues with the sympols and stuff on this keyboard! its a little different. i switched companions and her name is hermana masco and she came on the flight with us. we will be getting two new latina companionships in our dorm room later today i think... it will make me learn and hear lots of espanol! anyway we had breakfast already, the food was good, a egg and ham crousant sandwhich and some oatmeal stuff and beans haha and some juice that was like cantalope juice or something haha. they have purified water for us here to drink and the building is so nice, we feel spoiled. but i like it. its so tiny i hope i become good friends with all of the missionaries. anyway i havent figured out where the enter button is on this keyboard so its just one long paragraph! anyway i love you so much and it was so fun tlaking to all of you last night! i love you i love you i love you!!!! i like it here and im excited to learn more espanol very quickly! all of the forms we have to fill out have all been in spanish hahaha its so funny. anyway, i love you!