Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Hola from Guatemala!"- June 8

I am safe and sound in the Guatemala mtc!! we got here around 7 this morning after flying all night, i think i got probably 2-3 hours or so on the second plane ride... but we arent going to sleep till tonight so i hope i stay alert! they just gave us 2-3 hours to unpack and get settled just now so that was nice and now its 11ish and we are starting our day! all of my bags arrived safelt and the mtc building is right next to the temple! the mtc is beautiful wood everywhere and there is just a tiny hallway of girl}s dorm rooms .. max capacity is 24 girls i think. right now i have only seen like 12 <max capacity for the whole mtc is 80missionaries<¿ so sorry i am having issues with the sympols and stuff on this keyboard! its a little different. i switched companions and her name is hermana masco and she came on the flight with us. we will be getting two new latina companionships in our dorm room later today i think... it will make me learn and hear lots of espanol! anyway we had breakfast already, the food was good, a egg and ham crousant sandwhich and some oatmeal stuff and beans haha and some juice that was like cantalope juice or something haha. they have purified water for us here to drink and the building is so nice, we feel spoiled. but i like it. its so tiny i hope i become good friends with all of the missionaries. anyway i havent figured out where the enter button is on this keyboard so its just one long paragraph! anyway i love you so much and it was so fun tlaking to all of you last night! i love you i love you i love you!!!! i like it here and im excited to learn more espanol very quickly! all of the forms we have to fill out have all been in spanish hahaha its so funny. anyway, i love you!

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  1. Hermana Emily,
    How exciting to be on your Mission to such a different place and with new language. I know you will discover how sweet and wonderful the people are there. I have visited Guatemala myself and I work with a couple of Realtors here in Oklahoma that go for regular missions there. They are always so touched by the children...and their ability to be so happy, with so little. I hope your Mission is an adventure and that you will have the opportunity to bless many people with the gospel.
    Bonnie Baker