Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 22

Hi family i don't have much time but i love you so much and things are great here! I had a wonderful experience this week at the plaza in downtown guatemala city! We went on a field trip on monday and got to prostelyte for 2  hours right outside their whitehouse type building. I was paired with my latina companion, thank goodness and i loved it! There were people just sitting around the courtyard, and my companion just looked at me and said ...Donde? I pointed to two ladies and we just walked up to them, she introduced us and our message and they LISTENED! I bore my testimony and they took a pamphlet about the plan of salvation and gave us their address and said they wanted to hear more! My jaw hit the floor when she started giving us her address. I couldnt believe it! We got 4 referrals slash addresses from people, three were families. I dont know if they will actually let the missionaries into their homes when the missionaries go, but i hope they do! It was such a wonderful experience because they liked the messages and i got to do a lot of the introducing and testimony bearing! They seemed to really want to know what i thought was so important that i was trying to speak spanish to say it. I love being a missionary! i love you family! please watch The Testaments this week, we watched it and i love it!!!! i love you! talk to you next week.

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