Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week 3 is done!!- June 28

Hi family! so today we took a bus around the city again and went to a market and bought guatemala things!!! we also went to a 3d map thing and a museum... sooo cool!!! SO i took pictures and will send them. ALSO there is this family here staying in the other side of the CCM where visiting families stay and they were with us and all of a sudden the mom looked at me and was like... "JACOBSEN!!! oh my goodness you are eliot,s daughter!!! i watched you open your call on facebook!" it was so funny. her maiden name is Jacobs and she went to saratoga with you daddy! She and her family are here picking up their son from the guatemala central mission. I am sending her home with some tiny gifts for you guys from the market! They will be home in like a week and you should meet up with them! Today my comp and i got moved to the other side of the CCM because there are about to be 115 missionaries this week ( more than double how many the past 3 weeks, all of our latina missionaries left yesterday and we will be getting new latino and north american missionaries tomorrow!!! a lot of them, so we are overflowing into the hotel side of the CCM. sorry that was confusing. we had a wonderful spiritual week and my lessons are getting better and so is my spanish. i really felt like i was able to get to know our latina misisonaries even though they didn{t speak english. it was wondeful., oh and we have snack time at 7:45 every night which is awesome. we get to go to the temple twice this week! I am sooooo excited. mommy im sad you got stung by a scorpion!!! But i LOVE the picture daddy took of you, you are beautiful! i love you bye!!! - Hermana Jacobsen

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