Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"water from heaven"- July 6

okay family! another week down at the CCM!! I loved reading about tori,s birthday and the cabin!!!! i am so happy it went to wonderful! We wore red white and blue here for the 4th of july and hung a flag in our room! oh you can go to and see our group pictures! we took on the first 3 weeks, and we just took another one with all of the new latinos and north americans that came last week. so we have a billion missionaries here right now! 130 or something, i am in the case de huespes side of the building and it works fine! i have two new latina companions and i can communicate with them as much as i need to, still loves of hand motions and sound effects when i dont know a word but i can express myself so i am happy! This week i tried to say the word rain but i didnt know it so i said "auga de el ciello" or water from heaven or the sky, hahah they laughed. i also said  the word "pollo" (chicken) when i meant "poco" (small or little or somehting) so that was funny. the temple trips were fun! we did one session completely in spanish with english headphones i used sometimes, and the last part in spanish for the past 3 trips. oh i forgot to tell you last week! last week i got called on the spot to give my spanish talk in sacrament meeting! i wrote a good talk so i was happy to share it but it was funny because im sure it wasnt perfect. but i think it went well! i also gave the relief society lesson that week with hermana green, but in english. oh one of the latinas here said she found my mission blog before she got here on her mission!! i love you all so much! sorry about your foot tori! i love you!!!

here is the group picture from the website she mentions- can you spot Hermana Jacobsen? (hint: in red, third from the end on the right side...)

 Note: if you go to you can take a little "virtual tour" of the Guatemala CCM to see where Hermana Jacobsen is!

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