Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last Week in the CCM!- July 13

hi family! i am so so happy that you got my SD cards and bookmarks that i sent! I will make sure to take lots more pictures and record more memos when i am in the field (in ONE week!!!) it is hard here because of the rules and i live with 5 other girls in one room so voice recording is hard. but starting next week i will have lots of new stuff to tell! So this week we went to the plaza/central park again on monday and we did prostelyting with our north american companions and it was hard! we both are new at spanish but we were able to talk to some people about the church. we didn{t get any refferrals, but i did give away a Book of Mormon to a guy who wanted one and he knew a little about it (and he spoke some english which helped). anyway i will leave for the mission home (which i think is pretty close to here) on tuesday! I think we will stay there for a night, and then go to our first area. i kind of hope that i am in the city so i hear lots of spanish, but kind of dont want to be because the city seems scarier than the rural areas... oh well. i am praying for a latina companion though!! pray for her! i love you so much and cant wait to talk to you next week!

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