Wednesday, August 3, 2011

first week in the field- July 25

hola familia! i am in my first area and it is amazing to be a real missionary really out teaching people!!! i have so much to tell you all but i dont even know where to start!! well basically all is well and the whole week has been surprise after surprise! i cant believe how much my life has changed in just a few short months, and especially in the last week!!!
okay so wednesday we woke up and were driven to a chapel in guatemala city with all of our stuff. then we went into the chapel and had whats called a change conference, or transfer conference, and we had to sit on the stage and then they announced who would be companions with who and where we would be going! everyoen was so anxious and excited including me, because our missionis so big and different depending on where you´re sent! it was like a whole new mission call... so they announced me and my companion is Hermana Molina, latina from costa rica, and she will be my trainer for 2 transfers or 12 weeks, she speaks like 20 words in english,,, so its good for my spanish! hard but sooo good and i am so happy with it, anyway my area is called Ciprisales, and its somewhere in guatemala city, im not sure exactly where but you can probably google it. its not far from the ccm or the temple, but the area is SO different. 

okay so my house is cute! its totally pink on the outside and has a little courtyard thing inside, and then a bedroom-studyroom , a kitchen, a bathroom and a lavendaria all separated by the courtyard thing. ill attach pics, its not too dirty and we just cleaned it today so its great! i really like it for the most part. 
anyway so the field started an hour after arriving at my house!!! we went out and visited memebers and less actives that afternoon!!! it was wonderful! it was the longest day of my life! basically we walk a lot on the streets, soooo close to moving cars!!! ive never been so close to moving cars in my life, usually im driving one, so thats still new and scary. the first day we visited this lady with no teeth and she lives in this place called San Juan... which is the saddest and most ghetto part of my area. all of the houses are made of cement and metal and tin and its so sad. i can´t believe how little they have, their beds are almost always in the front room and the cook in disgusting conditions... its so sad i dont know how else to say it. the whole first day i couldnt stop staring because everywhere i turned was just awful. going to africa definitely helped prepare me for this though. its kind of like africa except for in kenya i was watching from the car when i was in the city. 
my favorite family is one that lives in san juan in this little cement house thats connected to all the other houses and they are very active, except not the dad as much, and they are so sweet and forgiving of my spanish! they even help teach me words and help my sentances. when we go to their house we sit on one of their beds, the floors are cement and the baby runs around... its so not childproof, it makes me want to fix everything. thats how i feel here, i just want to run around and fix it all... and i cant. 
but i do have a message that can fix things. i am bringing the message of the gospel of jesus christ and the happiness and blessigngs that they can recieve if they accept this beautiful gospel. as missionaries we are able and encouraged to promise blessings to investigators and i did that last night. we were in a tut-tut or somehting, its like a scooter with a mini car built around it, and the driver is our investigator and his wife as well as we were driving around with him and his wife my companion committed them to be married in august (they have 4 children) and we were so excited! after they drove us home, we were talkig to them about their marriage, they were saying something about how its going to be hard because of money or something. i felt impressed to promise them that they would receive so many blessings if they go through with it. it felt amaizng because i knew it was true and it will happen, their house is sad too, its all so sad, but their family is cute and im so happy
anyway the girl has a baptismal date that my companion and her old comp set and im going to ask her husband to be baptised tomorrow! pray for me! i love you family!
Pictures of Hermana's Appt:

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