Monday, May 30, 2011

"Week #2"- May 27

Hola Familia!
Well I definitely hate the little timer going in the upper right corner of my screen - how annoying! I am in the laundry room waiting for my stuff in the dryer right now with a bunch of other missionaries writing letters! I just sent off a handwritten letter to you all in the TJMAXX bag i just sent home via postmart - i think you have to go to postmart and pick it up today. I sent pictures!!!
Well this week has gone by so fast! I basically just studied and ate! My district is amazing, check out the picture I sent. All of the elders in my district are really so nice and diligent, i am sad none of them will be in my mission, they are all going to honduras or el salvador/belieze missions. But it has been wonderful to get to know them and learn from their examples. A couple have girlfriends at home writing them so we hermanas are good at teasing them a little - big sister style.
Last night we had a wonderful scripture reading session where we had people reading the BOM outloud in english while we all followed along in spanish (like i would do at home) and it turned into a testimony meeting where whoever wanted to ended up saying something, and then we kneeled in prayer and sang army of helaman - just in our classroom. It was so nice. Our teachers will be wondering what they missed! We spend most of the day without a teacher doing scheduled personal/companion/language study but 3-6 hours a day a teacher comes. We have 2 teachers and they both act as investigators when it comes time to practice teaching. We have to learn their needs and what they know already and construct lesson plans for them. It is difficult not to want to tell them everything at once - but having to do it en espaƱol really makes it easier because i HAVE to say it simplified. haha
Thank you for all of your letters and prayers this week! I also loved the packages. I think I will mail home my microchip from my voice recorder before i go off to guatemala so you guys can hear a little bit, I dont have much time to record here though. I have recorded some though!
My flight plans for June 7th: SLC -> LA -> Guatemala City (via delta)!!! AHHHHHHHHHH! Thats soon!!!
I was freaking out a little a few days ago because i felt like i had to learn spanish in 3 weeks.. so that i wouldn't drown when i got immersed in it - I want a solid grammatical foundation and vocabulary so the immersion does me well instead of just making me confused. But i am not expected to learn it in 3 weeks so its okay - ill just keep studying! Its coming along, i do lots of flash cards hahah.
I love you all so much! I miss you lots!
Love, Hermana Jacobsen

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